Your trusted parent-to-parent carpool network.

About Us

Kid CarPool is an app that aims to help families simplify the carpool process. We are not a car service. Users are made up of families with busy schedules and groups of families who attend the same school/after school program or sports team.

With Kid CarPool all the issues that can cause carpool stress are addressed without having to scramble around to make sure all the details are worked out. Parents can set up a carpool, invite other families, schedule multiple drop offs and pick ups, and save on gas with real time directions. Drivers are informed of who will be in their carpool on a certain day, where to pick up kids and where to drop them off with driving instructions and estimated time.

Since carpools are always changing, parents can send notifications to the carpool group if someone gets sick or is not going to be at pick up.

Additionally, parents receive notifications from drivers when children are picked up and dropped off at their location, giving families the assurance that their child made it to their destination. Our goal at Kid CarPool is to make carpooling fun and effective, saving you time and money to do the things that matter most  – spend more time with your kids.